Maintenance made easy.

A free portal that lets residents submit maintenance tickets easily, while real-time notifications allow you to manage them effortlessly.

Latchel Resident and PM Experience

Quick Submissions. Easy to manage. Instant Alerts.

Latchel Resident Portal
Receive 💻

Unique Resident Portal

Residents submit tickets via a dedicated link to your dashboard.

Latchel Maintenance Dashboard
Manage 🛠️

Unified Dashboard

Manage all you maintenance tasks effortlessly in one place.

Latchel Notification
Get Notified 🔔

Real-Time Alerts

Never let another maintenance ticket fall through the cracks.

Latchel Maintenance Intake

A new way to submit maintenance tickets

Residents simply describe their issue, and our smart system categorizes it into pre-defined maintenance categories.

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Always Informed, Always in Control

Get real-time email and in-app notifications for new maintenance tickets, keeping everything organized and ensuring nothing slips through the cracks—all in one place.

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Empower Residents with DIY Troubleshooting

After our system receives a resident's maintenance issue, it provides troubleshooting steps, allowing the resident to address the problem themselves, eliminating the need to submit a work order.

Why Wait? It’s Free.